The Main Dish: Popularity of Non-Alcoholic Mocktails, Delivery-Only Restaurants, and Other Highlights From This Week

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Non-Alcoholic Mixology 101: How to Attract Guests With 'Mocktails'

Non-alcoholic drinks are on the rise, and mixologists are up for the challenge of mixing up delicious alternatives to the standard non-alcoholic beverages. A choice of iced tea and lemonade in addition to soft drinks should no longer be the exclusive options, as discriminating guests are venturing further down the road of craft beverages.

The Rise of the Virtual Restaurant

No, we’re not talking some strange virtual reality experience. We’re talking restaurants that exist to serve food strictly via delivery. And while some of these brands might be saving money on dining room real estate, they certainly aren’t cutting corners when it comes to producing top-quality dishes.

Tasteful Tech: The Top 5 Food Apps Influencers Are Using

Self-ordering kiosks that allow guests to customize their meals before they reach the till. Double-purpose beepers that give guests games to play with their party while they wait for a table. Pretty much ubiquitous WiFi access with a simple login. Technology is transforming the restaurant and hospitality industry every day. But those aren't the only ways


What a Farmer Can Teach a Chef

I would watch the chef leave his restaurant by a side door with a basket slung over his arm. He would make his way up the rise in his Wellington boots to forage the surrounding countryside. My mind would race with ideas of the specials he would feature that night built with his discoveries from the forest. That, I thought to myself, now that’s a real chef.

To Follow or Not to Follow a Trend? 4 Tips to Help You Decide

All trends seem to plateau sooner rather than later, but few ride along in full force before something takes its place or someone slanders its status. All types of foodservice outlets need to take note of trends and why they rise and fall. Quick-service, full service, fine dining, and caterers are all subjected to reviews as customers are quick to judge as soon as they read over your menu or glance over at your Instagram page and start to #hashtag.

Bye Bye Beer — Gen Y Is All About the Wine

Whether these numbers are exact or, as some have said, somewhat exaggerated, wine producers have jumped on the Millennial bandwagon offering up novel approaches to wine advertising and consumption that cater to this generation’s demand for a challenging triumvirate of novelty, quality, and value.