Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants Releases 2017 Culinary and Cocktail Trends Forecast

Inventive twists on avocado toast, rainbow foods, poke bowls, and the comeback of the classic cocktail seemed to run rampant in 2016, but what culinary and cocktail trends can we expect with the next New Year's Eve ball drop?

Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, the first boutique hotel and restaurant company in the United States and a large chain that boasts more than 65 award-winning concepts, unveiled their annual trends forecast for 2017. This forecast, self-proclaimed by the brand as "chef-driven" and "bartender-inspired," was determined by an extensive survey of trailblazing chefs, sommeliers, general managers, and bartenders from more than 70 Kimpton restaurants, bars, and lounges across 30 cities. 

"When it comes to culinary trends, Kimpton chefs and bartenders are on the hunt for the flavors and techniques that tantalize taste buds and expand diners’ culinary universe. They’re true trendsetters and innovators in our kitchens and bars,” Alex Taylor, Kimpton's senior vice president of restaurants & bars, said in a press release. “These are the most creative and cutting-edge culinary concepts that will pepper menus and home kitchens in the coming year.”

No need for a countdown here. Without further ado, below are these experts' most anticipated trends for 2017.


Top Culinary Trends

  • Ring in the New Year with a rise in Mediterranean-cuisine. Foodable has already seen this in episodes of "Table 42" and "Fast Casual Nation."
  • Childhood desserts are about to grow up with an adult flair, as sundaes become boozy and frozen popsicles will get sour cherry mascarpone flavors.
  • Nose-to-tail may no longer be an artisan touch but a new norm. More and more chefs will aim to follow these sustainable practices and use the whole beast, much like our friends at Cochon555.
  • Using "the whole" won't be restricted to proteins. The "root-to-leaf" movement is growing and incorporating whole vegetables will be seen in various dishes and purées.
  • Move aside, beef, chicken, and fish. New lean alternatives such as elk, ox, and ostrich will pop up on menus to surprise more adventurous diners.
  • Unique spices like turmeric, cardamom, and cumin will be the special touch across next year's platters.

Top Cocktail Trends

  • Signature cocktails will be developed from fermented beverages, like kombucha. Interested in how you can add kombucha to your menu? Read this piece by Foodable Industry Expert Brian Murphy.
  • Say hello to South American-inspired beverages and sip on more caipirinhas. 
  • 2017 will take food and drink to a new level — by adding food to drinks. Culinary twists on cocktails, such as roasted grapes or salt-roasted plantains, may entertain palates on a regular basis. In this episode of "Across the Bar," Frankie Solarik of BarChef shows off just that with his own kitchen-inspired drinks.
  • New pairings like oysters and gin or sherry and fries may become the new wine and cheese.
  • Alternative, non-meat-based fats such as milk, coconut, and peanut butter, may be stirred in as new ingredients.

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