Property Line to the Consumer


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Episode 3: Property Line to the Consumer

Appearance, accessibility and design are critical to a restaurant’s success. Choosing, designing and maintaining your property can mean the difference between attracting and repelling customers.

On this episode of Rock My Restaurant, Hosts Bill Bender and Eric Norman analyze what you should be doing to ensure your restaurant is catering to your guests and providing them with an enjoyably memorable experience. In order to provide that experience, Eric shares some advice given to him by his FCSI colleague and father, Ed Norman.

“You have to walk in the guest’s shoes and plan everything a guest and team member will experience in the entire facility.”

Some things to consider while planning:

  • Restaurant Visibility - Can you see your restaurant from at least 400 feet away?
  • Is there ample parking? Is it well lit? Do you have a guest drop off area?
  • How accessible is your restaurant? Do you meet all ADA and building codes in your local jurisdiction?
  • Landscaping is brandscaping - Landscaping should be a dedicated aspect of your design plan.
  • Signage - Be sure to represent your brand and attract customers while still obeying all signage laws.

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