Calling All Up-and-Coming Chefs: Wink & Nod Wants You

Are you a new restaurant group or chef ready to cook up a new idea? Put your talent to the test! Wink & Nod is seeking the new resident for its unique culinary incubator program, which is a rotating operation that invites a new brand every six months to run the kitchen and experiment with dishes to complement its bold and creative cocktails.

The program is an effort to contribute to chefs on the rise by providing them with the space they need to fine-tune their techniques. Residents will see the ins and outs of business development firsthand, without the costs of investment associated with opening their own restaurant. The speakeasy is fully-staffed and well-equipped.

Past residents include Chefs Jeremy Kean and Philip Kruta of Whisk; Chef Josh Lewin of Bread & Hospitality; and Chef Patrick Enage of Akinto, all who went on to open brick-and-mortars after their residency at Wink & Nod. Current chef-in-residence and chief culinary officer, Chef Brendan Pelley of Pelekasis, will assist the transitioning chef.  Interested? Read More