FoodableTV Chats with Courtney Cowan of LA's Milk Jar Cookies

Hailing from Indianapolis, Indiana, Courtney Cowan and her husband Adam Tiller opened Milk Jar Cookies in April of 2013, focusing on a number of unique cookie flavors with 14 different revolving flavors featured at the shop such as banana split and chocolate pecan caramel. Cowan is also hoping to soon begin serving locally-sourced fresh milk and Handsome Coffee beverages.

Milk Jar Cookies has also since built a thriving online community to drive sales that includes a “Cookie of the Month Club” that launched last year. “Online shopping is clearly becoming one of the favorite ways for people to shop,” Cowan told reporters at Miracle Mile LA. “We’re very proud of the user-friendly nature of our website.”

Read more as we ask the chef six quick questions, discover the first meal that changed her life and learn the one ingredient she couldn’t live without.