Sneak Peek: Work & Class Keeps It Real in Denver

In a world of hype-driven, “cool factor” restaurants, Work & Class in Denver is refreshingly humble. Its cool factor lies in its approachability and its unique real estate.

“We’re using reclaimed, repurposed materials for our buildout,” says Delores Tronco, co-owner at Work & Class, who voluntarily waits tables on Saturday nights to connect more directly to guests. “It’s very easy to say to someone, ‘Look for the building made of shipping containers; that’s where you’ll find us.’”

Work & Class, which focuses on Latin and American food, includes 12 house rules, and “Be Nice” is No. 1. The restaurant also doesn’t take reservations. “You can leave everything else behind,” says Tronco. “Because we’re gonna take care of it while you’re here. It’s like you’re in a great house party or something.”

Check out the sneak peek above, and stay tuned for our full “Table 42” episode, coming soon!