Vegas Supermarkets Looking To Incorporate Restaurants for Additional Revenue

Las Vegas supermarkets are now entering into the restaurant game, with many local markets identifying restaurants as a method of gaining additional revenue. Restaurants such as Sprocket, located inside the Henderson Whole Foods Market, and Artisanal Foods Cafe, located at Artisanal Foods, are both full-service restaurants situated inside markets and both were opened with the goal of highlighting each market's goods as well. 

As many grocers and high-end supermarkets have served hot foods prepared at counters and deli areas, execs view the move to open full-service restaurants as a natural progression.

"It really was the intent to show the varied ingredients we have in our stores in a beautiful environment where a customer could come with their family, because the type of license we have allows families to consume food and alcohol together," regional Whole Foods Market's VP Erica Dubreuil explained to the Las Vegas Review Journal. Read More