At the Hangover Pub, the Only Cure is More Bacon

Everything’s better with bacon. Even a hangover, apparently.

And The Hangover Pub in Worcester's Canal District is definitely bringing the bacon, positioning it as a superfood of sorts, to cure whatever’s ailing you — from a bad breakup to a bad day at work to a bad alcohol-induced hangover.  

You’ll find bacon — all of which will be smoked or cured in house — in or on virtually everything on the menu from bacon-topped cupcakes to bacon-rimmed cocktails.

"The idea is a bacon gastropub. A gastropub just means you can get great food from a great chef, but at your local pub," Executive Chef Michael Arrastia told Mass Live. "We want this to be an attraction that people will make the trip for to pay homage to the bacon gods."

The bacon-themed pub becomes just the third in the country in addition to Las Vegas and New York City. Read More