A Sneak Peek Inside Ilan Hall’s Esh

If you’re looking for “Top Chef” Season 2 winner Ilan Hall, you’ll probably find him floating above an Urban Outfitters in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. No, not like some hipster stunt team — on the third floor of the building is where his concept, Esh, lives, and where “everyday” Israeli barbecue can be found. We’re talking banh mi poutine, octopus with za’atar, pinenuts, and olives, and more. Recently transitioning from his New American concept called The Gorbals, the chef says of Esh, “We’re not doing barbecue on the Israeli side; we’re not doing barbecue on the American side, so we’re kind of taking the best of both worlds.”

Check out the sneak peek above, hosted by Foodable video correspondent Agnes Chung, and stay tuned for the full “On Foodable Side Dish” episode, coming soon!