An Inside Look into Dallas' Top Ranked Restaurant, Lucia

Located in Dallas’ booming Bishop Arts District, Lucia is an intimate restaurant with a “neighborhood feel,” a factor that Uyger and his wife found essential in the location. It’s a small enough venue where the staff can have contact with the food and the people. “I can stand at the pass…and I can see every single table,” Uyger says. “I can see when somebody’s done eating, you can see the fun shot when people are sharing some kind of spaghetti or long-cut pasta.”

In this “Table 42” vignette, Uyger takes us into the kitchen at Lucia, where he shows us how to make tagliatelle with mushrooms, boar pancetta, sage, and garlic. The pasta is made of egg yolks and pasta flour and prepared ahead of time so it can rest and hydrate all of the flour. From there, rice flour is added (“to keep from sticking to itself”), and the pasta is laminated. To make the dish, render some of the pancetta until color can be seen, then add mushrooms, turn heat to low, add garlic and then sage, and cook pasta in a rolling boil with salted water. A bit of lemon should be added for good measure before draining the pasta a little bit, and then add Parmigiano Reggiano.