Denver Restaurants Experiment with Multi-Concept, Small Space Units

The Signature "Cart-Driver Pizza"  | Facebook

The Signature "Cart-Driver Pizza" | Facebook

With Denver's ongoing restaurant boom, restaurant owners and chefs are looking for ways to stand out amongst the masses while ensuring they meet their bottom line as well. For one Denver concept, the solution was to inside a 600-square-foot facility. Located in Denver's River North neighborhood, Cart-Driver is no small operation. While only able to fit approximately 25 people inside at one time, the restaurant offers an ambitious lunch and dinner program featuring a number of pizzas topped with locally sourced ingredients.

Within their first year of opening, Cart-Driver reported a 21 percent profit and had managed to keep labor costs below 25 percent of expenses. While the restaurant concept may seem to be a unique case, their success offers an interesting alternative for other restaurants who could use small spaces in similar ways, or perhaps even join with other concepts to share the rent of one larger space. Read More