Local Favorite Spirit Ojen Makes a Heralded Return to NOLA Bars and Restaurants

Ojen Based Cocktail  | Sharon Pye

Ojen Based Cocktail | Sharon Pye

New Orleans is well known as a booze lover's haven, with a number of unique cocktails hailing from the city's vibrant bar scene. Spirits such as Absinthe have long been associated with the area, yet another spirit also has historic ties to NOLA and is making its heralded return.

Earlier this month, New Orleans welcomed back into its bars and liquor store Ojen, an anise flavored liquor from Spain that had previously been out of production. With a history dating back to the 1800's. Ojen was a favored drink of many artists and musicians, much like absinthe. After production ceased, NOLA went without the liquor for quite some time until just this year, local based The Sazerac Company revived it.

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