The Main Dish: A New Culinary Competition, Korean-Latin Fusion, and Other Highlights From This Week

In the age of information overload, refinement is key. That was the thought behind The Main Dish -- a quick compilation of the most bookmark-worthy links from the Foodable WebTV Network. Aside from our usual daily content, The Main Dish will serve a fresh batch of handpicked pieces every Sunday from our Editor of the most appetizing lists & literature that you may have missed.

  • Kerry Simon's Culinary Spirit Keeps Rocking at Carson Kitchen [VIDEO]
    “Kerry Simon and I set out to try to create a restaurant that would give an experience to the guest similar to what it would be like if you were going over to a celebrity chef’s house for dinner,” says Cory Harwell, president and co-founder of Simon Hospitality Group. “Sitting at the kitchen counter in his loft and engaging in conversation, and cheering in the wine, and watching him cook the food. We wanted to create a restaurant that celebrated that experience.”
  • In Miami, Korean-Latin Fusion Lives in an Unassuming Shopping Center [VIDEO]
    Miami has become a hotbed for gastropubs. But unlike any other we have seen, Finka Table & Tap, a Miami Top 25 Restaurant, is known for its fusion of Korean, Cuban, and Peruvian cuisine. And also for its unusual location.
  • Spring Trends in the Craft Beer Market
    With the onset of spring, everything around us begins to change as the world comes back to life. Change is everywhere, especially in the constantly evolving world of beer.
  • Check Out the Insane Design Work at Toronto's Bar Raval [VIDEO]
    A restaurant would not be successful or complete without good food, nor would a bar be successful or complete without good drinks. But just as important is the ambiance: how does the space make someone feel? Ambiance can be communicated through a lot of channels, one of them being design. And no place strikes this as evidently as Bar Raval in Toronto.
  • Bold, Simple Ingredients Drive Boston's Small-Batch Ice Cream Craze
    Grapefruit black pepper sorbet? Orange Irish sorbet spiked with Irish whiskey and Chardonnay? Boston's artisanal ice cream scene is taking over one scoop at a time, and the flavors are getting bolder while the ingredients are becoming simpler.
  • The Importance of Plating and Presentation in a Social Media Driven World
    In today’s world, diners enjoy their meals as much with their eyes as they do with their mouths. And more importantly still, these same diners judge a restaurant by the images it presents on a variety of social media platforms of the dishes it serves.
  • Three Restaurants Go Head-to-Head for "Top Dish" [VIDEO]
    “Top Dish” is a multi-part mini-series that pits three top Canadian restaurants — one in Montreal, one in Vancouver, and another in Toronto — against each other to reveal the best dish. These restaurants’ chefs will go head to head to deliver the best dish — one they have chosen themselves to best represent their talents, style, and concept. Up first is La Petite Maison.
  • 8 Ways to Get Customers to Eat Their Vegetables
    Vegetable is again hip. Very hip. Not just hipster, either. Vegetables are appealing on all levels, carry lower food cost, and can often showcase culinary craftsmanship. So how does the jump happen to get them from the oft-relegated sidelines to the center of the plate?
  • This Fast Casual Brings Sushi Burritos, Responsibly Sourced Fish to New York City [VIDEO]
    “I was trying to convert my fine-dining background into something that was a little bit more accessible,” says Chris Jaeckle, chef and co-founder at Uma Temakeria. “So my passion for high-quality ingredients and my desire to offer this accessibility to people is what essentially fueled this idea of Uma.”
  • Now Trending: Pickled and Fermented Foods
    From accoutrements to integration in cocktail programs, pickling has become all the rage for U.S. chefs and mixologists alike, with many restaurants choosing to initiate house-made pickling programs as well as experimenting with unique vinegars and nontraditional pickling ingredients with which to work with.
  • Restaurant & Bar Trends in Design, Tech, and Sustainability [VIDEO]
    In this episode of “On Foodable Weekly,” we’re talking restaurant trends with Restaurants Canada. But though we’re talking Canadian culinary trends, this segment is chock-full of tips for operators of all kinds, in any location, on three main areas: sustainability, interior design, and bar technology. Watch the full episode as we connect with experts in these three realms at the Restaurants Canada Show.
  • Unit 120 Launches Culinary Incubator in Chinatown's Far East Plaza
    Pop-up restaurants are all the rage in Los Angeles, allowing for chefs to test a number of culinary ideas without the potential risk of a brick and mortar. Yet finding the right space for these pop-up events can be time consuming. Enter Unit 120, the culinary incubator launched this year by Eggslut’s chef Alvin Cailan in Chinatown’s Far East Plaza.