Pop-Up Dining Options Now Common in NOLA's Culinary Scene

New Orleans is currently witnessing a surge of restaurant talent pouring into the region to explore the city's vast culinary potential, many of whom are participating in pop-up style eateries to test their new concepts on locals and visitors alike. For these chefs who may lack the overhead to afford a brick and mortar, or those who simply want to understand NOLA culture better before entering into their own concept, these casual, pop-up style "restaurants" offer much potential.

Restaurateur Jennifer Blackwell explained to NOLA's Gambit "Over the last few years, everyone has the sense that the restaurant scene in the city has become so flooded with permanent brick-and-mortar places," Jennifer says. "When this thing at St. Roch Market came up, it definitely seemed like a great opportunity to hone everything and develop a following before we get to wherever that next step is." Read More