In the Twin Cities, Good Help Is Hard to Find

There’s definitely something going on with the labor in Minneapolis kitchens. That much we know. But pinning down exactly what is happening and why is proving a little more difficult.

Some will tell you there’s a shortage of skilled workers; others say there’s an unmotivated, job-hopping new workforce; and still others blame the kitchen slump on just too darn many new restaurants.

“With so many new restaurants opening, there are a lot of positions to fill,” Sea Change chef Ryan Cook told Thrillist, “and restaurants that have been open are feeling the shortage.” 

Recent minimum wage increases, and the fact that there is no tip credit in Minnesota, don’t help much for restaurant bottom lines.

"People jump from job to job for either the next big new place or for a slightly higher wage,” Nightingale chef Carrie McCabe-Johnston told Thrillist. “Gone are the days, it seems, where an employee puts in the work to grow personally and professionally at a single workplace.”

Despite the lack of consensus, it is clear that the Twin Cities could be facing some tough times ahead. Read more