Miami Market Ready for Craft Breweries

Statewide, craft breweries produce more than 35 million gallons of beer annually, according to the Brewers Association. Now, the Miami-Dade market for small-batch, locally made beer is heating up.

The Miami market is seeing an influx of new breweries – three west of Miami International and two in Doral.

“The market is ready, and it’s growing,” Jose Mallea, founder of Biscayne Bay, whose beer tasting room is anticipated to open in east Doral in early May, told the Miami Herald.

Biscayne Bay has been brewing and distributing beer in the area since September 2014. Part of what’s driving attention to Miami-Dade: more attractive real estate prices (with rents as low as $8 to $12 a square foot) and spaces that allow for more bells and whistles like cigar bars.

Is a fiercely competitive market brewing between the new craft and existing local brewery scene? Not so much.

“I welcome it with open arms,” MIA Beer founder Eddie Leon said to the Miami Herald. “No two breweries are going to make the same beer, and each taproom provides a different experience. We all do something unique.”

The increase in craft breweries is actually helping educate non- and mass-market beer drinkers, which ends up being a win for everyone. Read more