The Great American Cooking Story Explores New Orleans Restaurant Scene, Post Katrina

Freret Street Poboys and Donuts  | NextCity

Freret Street Poboys and Donuts | NextCity

Looking to explore the culinary landscape in six major food cities, journalist Clara Ritger launched the Great American Cooking Story series that delves deep into individual restaurants in New Orleans, as well as LA, Austin, San Antonio, Atlanta, and Washington D.C. While the focus for much of the show is on the affect of restaurants on gentrification within communities, New Orleans is looked at through a different lens: that of post Katrina rebuilding. 

To explore this topic fully, Ritger interviews Myra Bercy, the owner of Freret Street Poboys and Donuts, who was a significant part of the post Katrina recovery efforts undertaken by restaurants throughout the city. Escaping the flood, Bercy returned to open her restaurant, which she explained attracted locals looking for traditional New Orleans style dishes they couldn't find elsewhere. Learn more about other restaurants leading the charge at community revitalization here