Should Kids Be Allowed in Bar/Restaurants?

There’s a small battle brewing in Philadelphia. The question is, “Do kids belong in a bar/restaurant?”

It is a question that customers and parents are debating, and should be a question owners and operators are contemplating – in terms of, how could this affect my business?

Legally speaking, there is no law in Philadelphia stopping children from being in a bar or restaurant bar at any time.

Regardless of what the law says, you must determine what is best for your business.

Ultimately, you risk alienating someone (ever heard the old adage "you can't please everyone"? Well, that's never been more true than here.) If you ban kids from bars during certain hours, families will be unhappy and you will lose their revenue. If you allow children, you risk making your bar patrons unhappy and lead them to take their business elsewhere.

Many establishments set their own rules.

For example, Philadelphia’s Queen Village bar L’Etage, which also serves food, will not allow anyone under 21 in the bar or restaurant. No exceptions.

Tattooed Mom, on the other hand, is a little more lenient, allowing kids with parents until 7:00 p.m.

“It’s the same rule that we have for dogs,” a bartender at Tattooed Mom told Foobooz. “I’ve been here 14 years, and kids have always been allowed in here until 7. We want this to be a place for everybody. After 7, though, gotta get into that adult party mode.”

Regardless of your policy, a good rule of thumb is to treat your guests like the most important people in the room, whether they are minors or adults, consuming alcohol or not. It's this type of service that will help keep them coming back.

Oh, by the way, you probably don't want to compare your clientele to canines. Read more