Vertical Life Farms Looks To Bring Local Produce to South Dallas

While Downtown Dallas may have a thriving culinary scene, only several minutes away, neighboring South Dallas hasn’t fared as well with offering healthy, tasty food options. The area is known familiarly by locals as a “food dessert” for the lack of fresh food available. Enter Alaric Overbey, a businessman who has set out to revive this area’s reputation by establishing Vertical Life Farms, a system of tower gardens operating throughout the city.

These tower gardens are located on rooftops, patios, and balconies throughout Dallas and operate using a vertical aeroponic system. These systems can grow nearly every fruit and vegetable, thereby offering local restaurants and markets an ample supply of fresh, local produce.

Overbey explained to Dallas Weekly, “My goal is to be able to sell as many tower gardens as possible. As a result, I’ll be able to start a much needed food initiative.” Read More