Here’s How You Stack Up Against Your Competition


Big data is just that: big. It’s comprehensive and oftentimes daunting to operators who just don’t have enough hours in the day to crunch and analyze data. So, we’ve made it easier.

Each quarter, Foodable releases a Social Insights Report with an in-depth analysis using unstructured data from the Restaurant Social Media Index (RSMI), and we’ve just released Issue 6, which examines Q1 2016 data.

In this Social Insights Report, information is made digestible in easy-to-follow formats like charts and lists, and provides a wealth of information on how restaurant brands compare to one another, broken out by categories (like which burger brands are most loved by consumers quarter over quarter), segments (like the Top 100 fast-casual restaurant brands), and different measurements (like the overall Top 10 digital brands or Top 10 brands on mobile). We also break out consumer trends in terms of interests, actions, and engagement. For example, did you know that mobile engagement has grown almost 10 percent from last quarter?

Five core intelligence categories are examined in detail within this report, including sentiment, influence, engagement, location-based actions (LBAs), and mobile engagement.

The RSMI and How It Works

Built with more than 60 years of industry and domain expertise, the Index currently houses the largest competitive culinary, restaurant, and hospitality consumer database in the business. In operation for 7 years, the RSMI harvests valuable data from 17 social media networks every day, from Facebook, to Instagram, to Zagat, and more. We then filter all that data through hundreds of thousands of industry terms to extract data meaningful to the restaurant & hospitality industry, and index social consumers around hospitality.

To provide a snapshot of its comprehensive capabilities, the RSMI captured nearly 10 billion data points in 2015 relevant to the hospitality industry — all from unsolicited consumer input.

In this report, you will learn:

  • Revenue growth based on location-based actions
  • Leading trends in consumer engagement, interests, and actions
  • Overall sentiment of breakout food categories
  • Top 100 digital restaurant brands
  • Top 100 fast-casual brands
  • Top casual restaurant brands
  • Top QSR brands
  • Top 25 most loved restaurant brands
  • Top 25 mobile restaurant brands
  • Top 25 brands by location-based actions
  • And more!