SF Chef Jeffrey Weiss Talks the Importance of a "Picture-Perfect" Dish

“Never judge a book by its cover.” This old adage is just that: old. In today’s world, diners enjoy their meals as much with their eyes as they do with their mouths. And more importantly still, these same diners judge a restaurant by the images it presents on a variety of social media platforms of the dishes it serves.

With the ever growing importance of social media in influencing dining decisions, dishes must captivate an online audience for restaurants to remain competitive. The importance of plating and presentation is thus incredibly essential for chefs and restaurant owners to consider when designing dishes to feature on their menus.  

With the overwhelming push towards crafting the “picture-perfect” dish, chefs risk venturing into a danger zone where the presentation of a dish trumps the actual quality. San Francisco chef and culinary consultant Jeffrey Weiss explains “In the modern online gastronomic world, it’s a fact of life that chefs are gauged less on their knife skills and more on their Instagram following. And that’s why a beautiful plate of food that’s tagged and hashtagged has become more valuable than whether that same plate of food was crafted with care and tastes delicious (a sad truth for the chef in me and many of my peers).” Read More