The Main Dish: Free Seafood Trends Report, How to Become a Better Mentor, and Other Highlights From This Week

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  • 4 Ways to Better Mentor Your Culinary Crew
    If we ever want to get out of the endless cycle of hiring and training replacement employees, we’re going to need to dig deeper and apply techniques on how to be better mentors. Our biggest success in our careers should be the legions of mature professionals mentored in our kitchen laboratories who have moved on and become great mentors themselves. It is not an obligation, but an opportunity, to secure a legacy beyond our momentary culinary achievements.
  • Free Download: Seafood Trends 2016 Report
    Not all seafood is created equally. On menus across the world, seafood is measured up by the region from which it is sourced, how it is raised, its freshness, price, and parts. And one thing we are seeing more of is the demand for sustainable seafood from consumers and chefs alike.
  • Open at 8 a.m., Bar Raval Brings a Taste of Spain to Toronto [VIDEO]
    “To make the best use out of the space, we wanted to pack people in, so it’s standing, which exists in Spain,” said Robin Goodfellow, who is not only a partner but also a bartender at Bar Raval. “We do pinchos all day. It’s a cafe; it’s kind of more of a community center. People come in all the time and the sort of vibe that you get in San Sebastian is exactly what we thought would be good here.”
  • Local Experts Chime in on Chicago's Changing Restaurant Scene
    With a culture this diverse and dynamic, it’s no surprise Chicago is home to the NRA Show and Foodable’s newest event and food-focused film festival, But where is Chicago heading? We’re bringing you answers from the food & beverage experts who hail from Chicago itself.
  • The Rise of Protein: A Trend Not to Be Ignored
    There are two sides to the high-protein trend: the meat and the meatless. The animal protein trend is moving laterally into the snack realm and is also exhibiting extremes. Some of the poster children for animal protein include jerky, insects, heritage breeds, and trash fish.
  • The Farming Industry Is Impacting Boston's Summer Tables
    More than ever, the dishes being served in Boston restaurants are designed around the farm, indicative of the area’s thriving culinary scene and the ever-expanding impact chefs and buyers are having on the food system.
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  • Underground Dining: The Allure of Illegal Pop-Up Restaurants for Chefs and Diners Alike
    Pop-up restaurants have recently begun appearing in more and more cities, offering chefs a venue to explore cooking dishes outside of their own restaurant or to test culinary concepts that may one day be transferred into a brick-and-mortar. Another restaurant concept making headlines is underground dining. These illegal restaurants operate without proper licensing and are oftentimes run in personal homes or other non-zoned locations.
  • 3 Brand Blunders You Never Want to Make
    Whether you’re a 5-star rock star chef, an owner of a small, outdoor cafe, or a partner in a group of trendy sports bars, your brand matters. We’re not talking about your new logo or your latest promotional campaign, either. Those are important elements, but your brand is the sum of all that you do. It’s what your customers, employees, the media, and even your personal relationships think, feel, and expect from you or your establishment.
  • How to Better Understand the Mindset of a Guest
    Marketers and behavioral psychologists spend their lives trying to get inside the mind of the consumer. There are companies that spend millions of dollars annually on research to predict trends in the market. Focus groups and surveys are being used at this very minute to understand what makes restaurant guests do what they do. After more than three decades of working with restaurants and their guests, it’s actually not that complicated to understand.
  • Culinary Core Principles and Why They Matter
    Do you know what you’re working toward? Do you know what’s important to you, your customers, your associates, or your owner? And if you do, doesn’t it make your operation more fluid and congruent having a clear-cut mission, vision, and objective?
  • Here's How You Stack Up Against Your Competition
    Big data is comprehensive and oftentimes daunting to operators who just don’t have enough hours in the day to crunch and analyze data. So, we’ve made it easier. Each quarter, Foodable releases a Social Insights Report with an in-depth analysis using unstructured data from the Restaurant Social Media Index (RSMI), and we’ve just released Issue 6.
  • Two Ways to Successfully Manage Minimum Wage Increases
    2014 saw a minimum wage increase in 14 states and several cities throughout the nation. California and Massachusetts lead the way with an increase from $9 to $10, and more increases are imminent.