The Main Dish: How to Engage Millennials, the Best Chef Tips, and Other Highlights From This Week

In the age of information overload, refinement is key. That was the thought behind The Main Dish — a quick compilation of the most bookmark-worthy links from the Foodable WebTV Network. Aside from our usual daily content, every Sunday, The Main Dish will serve a fresh batch of handpicked pieces of the most appetizing lists & literature that you may have missed.

6 Creative Ways to Enhance your Social Media

Look at the social media landscape over the last few years and you’ll notice significant changes. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are household names, and restaurants know that to market themselves effectively, they have to be on these basic social media platforms. If you want to stay current with what the cool kids (also known as the Millennials) are using, we need to explore the evolution of social media.

3 Principles for Sustaining Chef Success

Almost every chef or culinarian I know has some sort of physical issue. I’ve had two back surgeries myself. It’s a clear and present danger with long hours, bent over tables or workstations using our bodies as only world class athletes do. As world class athletes, we need to use every trick in the book to keep our bodies in tiptop condition. Choose any type of exercise that you enjoy doing. If you don’t enjoy it, then don’t do it. It’s important that you look forward to this as a daily activity.

Getting Them Up and Keeping Them Up: 10 Ways to Keep Gen Y Engaged and Working

Millennials are a different breed. We can get into who should take the responsibility (translation: blame) for the sense of entitlement seen with this group of 16 to 30-year-olds, but that accomplishes nothing in an all but empty labor pool with way too much chlorine in it. Instead, attracting and keeping this disengaged generation concerned with your business is the mission. Love it or hate it, surrender or fight, solving the Gen Y labor crux requires unconventional thinking.

5 Tips on Winning Over Millennials

It’s impossible to ignore the power of the millennial customer. This segment of the population is born anywhere between 1980 and 2000 and is often referred to as " Generation Y." By as soon as 2018, millennials will hold a greater spending power than any generation that came before us. If that isn’t enough to grab your attention, Millennials eat out the most.

First Annual and Film Festival Brings Insights and Entertainment During NRA Show Weekend kicked off with five interactive panel sessions exclusive to the decision makers of the industry, before a cocktail party preceded the Foodable Film Festival, which was open to professionals and consumers alike, and which played a combination of 12 feature-length and short films. During the cocktail party, the attending "Foodable Top 25 Chicago Restaurants winners" received their awards on the red carpet.

The interactive panel sessions covered a broad scope of foodservice challenges and trends, including the rise of craft beverage, spirits strategies and the tipping debate. Two of these sessions, "Disruptors" and "Future of Food," were streamed live and can be found on Foodable's Facebook page.