Tech News in the Industry: Chili’s Grill & Bar to Accept Android Pay via Ziosk Platform

Ziosk Tabletop Tablet  |   Chili's Grill & Bar

Ziosk Tabletop Tablet | Chili's Grill & Bar

Chili’s Grill & Bar (Brinker International) was ahead of the tabletop tablet curve, when the brand rolled out more than 45,000 Ziosk tabletop tablets in 823 of its restaurants.

Now the brand will be offering Android Pay as a mobile payment option on the Ziosk platform. Starting in the third-quarter of 2016, customers will be able to place their Android phones near the Ziosk’s reader and tap it. The customer will then be alerted with a vibration and a beep when the payment has been accepted.

The brand also announced that its reward program, My Chili’s Rewards can now be used through the Android wallet. This provides users with another place to enroll, login and access their rewards account.

The chain first announced in 2015 that it would be offering mobile payments starting with Apple Pay, which was already rolled out in February of this year.

Although Apple Pay was first, Android has a much larger market with more than one billion active Android users. So, mobile payments are bound to increase once Android Pay is available via Ziosk.

Since rolling out the tabletop tablets, Chili’s customers have been actively using them. “We are at the point now where at least 8 to 9 out of every 10 guests are actually touching the device and using the device right now,” said Guy Constant, chief financial officer of Brinker, at a conference in 2014. He also said that more than half of the chain’s customers use the tablet to pay for their bill.

Now in 2016, there will be more payment options added to the Ziosk software used on Chili’s tables. The brand aims to cover all the bases when it comes to payment convenience and hopes to reduce wait times.

The brand has continuously has praised the tabletop tablets for not only helping their wait staff provide better service, but now Chili’s relies on the system for customer feedback.

“About 25 percent of customers take the survey after they pay on Ziosk—there are just six or seven questions they answer and it only takes 15 seconds. That data is incredibly powerful. It allows us to coach and praise team members in case they’re doing well or need improvement. It also gives us the ability to flex in questions about food that customers may just have consumed or that we are trialing at that restaurant,” said Wade Allen, vice president of customer engagement & digital innovation at Brinker International to