The Main Dish: NRA Show 2016 Coverage, the Future of On-Demand, and Other Highlights From This Week

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NRA Special Report: How the Educational Foundation and ProStart Program Are Developing Leadership Within the Industry [VIDEO]

Restaurants are known as a starting ground for people in their career paths. In fact, one in three workers can say they’ve been in foodservice in at least one point of their lives. As the workforce continues to advance and develop, and with 1.7 million jobs expected to arise in the next decade, how can we ensure that the proper research, training, resources, and talent add to the growth and prosperity of the industry?

Quick Six With...Rising Star Chef of Los Angeles, Diana Stavaridis 

Award-winning chef Diana Stavaridis of Manhattan House may now be serving up some upscale, farm-to-table fare, but her story began more humbly than that — in her grandparents’ house at 6-years-old, harvesting tomatoes from their backyard and cleaning up lobsters in their kitchen. How did this Rising Star Chef of Los Angeles get to where she is today? Read to find out!

Taco Bell Channels the Fast Casual Atmosphere With Re-Design 

Say goodbye to Taco Bell’s pink and purple signature look. The brand recently announced that it’s time for a brand refresh. The quick-serve mogul plans to open 2,000 new stores by 2020, 200 of which will be in urban areas. All the estimated stores will feature one of the four new restaurant designs.

NRA Special Report: Cybersecurity 101 — How Consumers Are Transitioning to Mobile Payment and the Next Step for Restaurateurs [VIDEO]

The digital landscape goes beyond social media keeping us interconnected. We are exchanging more than words across cyberspace — we're exchanging money, our society moving from cash to mobile payment. How can restaurateurs do their part to keep paying customers’ information safe, and what security measures, tools, and resources are available?  


The Challenging Future of On-Demand Food Delivery: Will Amazon Conquer This Segment, Too?  

The initial rapid success of on-demand food delivery platforms influenced hundreds of entrepreneurs and investors to gravitate to this segment. Many of these food tech start-ups started off well-funded, but quickly the market became crowded with so many options for consumers to choose from. With the fierce competition in today’s digitally-driven market, these food tech companies are having trouble surviving.

NRA Special Report: The Kitchen Cabinet — Industry Growth Through Grassroots Advocacy [VIDEO]

The restaurant industry is 14.4 million strong. When that force is united, the possibilities for change and growth are endless. And yet, we didn’t begin as a massive segment. Foodservice was born by gathering in small kitchens, mom-and-pop shops, and local cafés.  “If we don’t talk about our story and tell it, then nobody is going to know what it is and draw their own conclusions,” NRA Director of Political Advocacy and Grassroots, Jon Simons, said.

Beyond the Trends at NRA: What's Hot vs. What's Important?  

The recent National Restaurant Show in Chicago this past week gave chefs, operators, and managers a lot to digest. Between the show itself and the many educational sessions, you may feel like American competitive eater Joey Chestnut trying to eat 70 hot dogs at the Nathan’s Famous eating contest. What trends should you be looking at?

NRA Special Report: ServSafe Updates and Broadening Food Safety Culture [VIDEO] 

Aside from the menu, food safety is arguably the biggest factor that underlines a restaurant’s success — or if done improperly, downfall. Currently, most food codes suggest that there should be one certified food protection manager per establishment, but there is a potential in the next iteration of the food code in 2017 that a CFPM will need to be present at all shifts.