The Main Dish: Getting Your Employees on the 'Brand Wagon,' Delivery Mobile Apps, and Other Highlights From This Week

In the age of information overload, refinement is key. That was the thought behind The Main Dish -- a quick compilation of the most bookmark-worthy links from the Foodable WebTV Network. Aside from our usual daily content, every Sunday, The Main Dish will serve a fresh batch of handpicked pieces of the most appetizing lists & literature that you may have missed.

  • Lunch Sales Need a Boost? How These Delivery Apps Can Help
    For many restaurateurs and operators, linking up with one of these delivery giants makes total sense. Their legions of dedicated users often equate with increased revenue in the take-out or delivery column. This coupled with decreased overhead from in-house delivery can make for serious coin.
  • Cochon555 Heats Up Miami With the Heritage Breed Pig Movement [VIDEO]
    Each chef receives one heritage breed pig — and they have to use all of it, snout to tail. They have seven to 10 days to cook a maximum of six dishes and 90 minutes at the event to impress guests and celebrity judges alike. The winner will represent Miami in the Grand Cochon555, where the qualifying chefs from the 10 cities will fight to be crowned King or Queen of Porc in this feasting finale.
  • Digital Grapevine: Mobile Apps Boom at the Intersection of Tech and Wine
    Buying wine with a right swipe on your phone and having it arrive on your doorstep? Snapping a picture of a label and instantly geo-connecting with other people drinking it right now across the world? This isn’t the realm of Twilight Zone sci-fi. In fact, it’s the here and now. Make no mistake about it: Mobile wine apps are booming.
  • Creating the State-of-the-Art Culinary Space at Northside High School [VIDEO]
    The Culinary Arts Facility at Northside High School in Fort Worth, Texas, is arguably one of the greatest culinary school collaborations we've ever seen. In this episode of "BUILT.," in partnership with FCSI The Americas, discover how the Fort Worth Independent School District, Corgan Architecture, and FCSI consultant Lance Brooks found the best ingredients in this redesign recipe for success. 
  • How to Get Your Employees to Jump on the 'Brand Wagon'
    Employees are the face and voice of a restaurant’s brand — and they play a huge part in delivering the customer experience. To empower this force, restaurants must invest in brand engagement, communications, and employee training from the get-go. Getting employees on the brand wagon will not only help build the business brand, but studies show employees who are proud of the brand (and their employer) will be loyal and stick around.
  • 5 Ways to Become a Better Team Player
    This problem — asking “Well, what have you done for me lately?” — is perpetuated when we generalize and label people as “entitled” or “egocentric.” Throw that on top of reality TV shows that make stars out of people with bad manners and an overinflated sense of self? Well, that’s a bad recipe for bad employees and poor team players.