The Main Dish: Tips on Training, Why Some Food Tech Companies Fail, and Other Highlights From This Week

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Tips on Improving Your Training Program

The methods of training new and existing employees vary as much as the vast types of establishments, from the pseudo-interview and immediate hire to the month-long, corporate-style onboarding program. Quality training is as important from the top to bottom of the org chart and is one part of the business that can’t be overlooked or taken for granted.

What Are the Effects of Minimum Wage Increase? [VIDEO]

Minimum wage is at $10 an hour, but by 2022, it will increase to $15. Restaurants are being given another year to comply. With profit margins in the business already so thin — with most of operational costs going toward labor — will this increase in minimum wage impact the foodservice sector the most, compared to every other sector in the nation's economy?

Leadership Series: Secret to Penn Station's Success — Aggressive Conservatism

Known for its profitability and return on investment, and with 304 locations in 15 states, Penn Station was named the best sandwich chain by the Nation’s Restaurant News in its 2015 Consumer Picks survey. President Craig Dunaway shares the secrets to chain’s success below.

Chef Ego: When Convenience Matters More Than Craft

The craft approach to making great food is the only approach. Even the fiercely profit-driven, microwave-popping, food mills have their origins in somebody’s good idea that simply grew beyond the confines of craftsmanship. But how did that happen? Doesn’t every chef, every cook want to make food that is grounded in skill and pride? Or is convenience a bigger payoff?

Grand Cochon: The Culinary Weekend Changing the Way We See — and Eat — Pig

There is more to Grand Cochon than the 1,200 pounds of pig that will be served to a discerning crowd of 20 celebrity chefs and 400 hungry mouths. Grand Cochon is more than a live event and exciting cooking contest. Its mission is to raise awareness for the responsible farming of heritage breed pigs through a merry celebration of drinking and dining. 


Training Mentality: Focus on What You Should Always Do, Not What You Shouldn't Do

The thing we must remember is that people all learn differently. Some are more visual, some are more hands-on, and some even learn best from sitting in a lecture hall. At the end of the day, if they don't know what — as a restaurant— you always do, then your training program has failed.

How Do Fast Casual Phenoms Stand Out? [VIDEO]

More fast casual champions are entering the playing field. In fact, just two years ago, fast casual sales were reported to have skyrocketed 600 percent since 1999. With this rapid expansion and with the influx of concepts, why have consumers embraced this segment and how do operators stand out?

Social Media for Restaurants Isn't Dead, It's Just Sleeping — Here's How to Wake it Up

Restaurants, like the rest of the universe, should be on social media, from Twitter and Instagram to Facebook. But being “on” social media means more than just having an account. It means being social with consumers, because if your audience isn’t engaged, it’s as if you’re not on social media at all.

Why These Food Tech Companies Failed

Five years ago, it seemed like every entrepreneur wanted a piece of the food tech pie. Once PostMates launched in 2011 and GrubHub and Seamless merged in 2013, thousands of food-focused technology companies were on the lookout for funding. The future looked bright as many of these companies raised millions. Fast forward to 2016, several of these well-funded startups have been forced to throw in the towel. 

Marketing Tips From Cici's Pizza and Tijuana Flats [VIDEO]

There's more to restaurant success than the ingredients behind a menu. Marketing is the voice of a brand and content marketing, brand development, digital trends, social media strategies, public relations, and local store marketing are all a part of the perfect marketing recipe. Need a little help cooking up some great ideas?