Kicking Off Season 4 of 'Rock My Restaurant'

Calling all operators, executives, designers, and foodservice junkies — Are you ready to rock your restaurant? Time to toss on those aprons, fire up those grills, and lay out those menus, because Foodable Network is proud to bring back dynamic duo and show hosts William Bender and Eric Norman for Season 4 of "Rock My Restaurant"!

In this first episode of Season 4, Bill and Eric are at the FCSI The Americas Biennial Conference in Nashville, where the best of the best in foodservice management and design consulting gather. The last three seasons of "Rock My Restaurant" have brought viewers the best of concept planning, kitchen design, equipment, guest flow, real estate, culinary expertise, and more. And why is this industry so pivotal? Without food, nothing else exists.

"The  big thing about the restaurant industry is we're the community. We're the ones who support the community. The food feeds the nation, and we're the largest employers in the country when you look at it," Bill says. 

Whether for the manager seeking to up the team's speed of service, the emerging chef looking to dive into the latest trends, or the restaurateur deciding on the most groundbreaking tools or ideas to break into the business, restaurant industry veterans Bill and Eric — both active members of FCSI The Americas who have successfully built concepts from the ground-up — lead viewers on a journey to self-improvement each episode by meeting with the most innovative leaders of industry.

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Aside from the core of the brand in terms of design and menu, this season will explore:

  • Menu types in brand development
  • The styles and speeds of service across restaurants
  • Single versus multi-unit model strategies and start-up costs
  • Engaging with a brand's target audience or core patrons
  • The need for interactivity by the Millennial generation
  • Tips on marketing and advertising, especially on social media and through customer loyalty programs
  • Guest analytics and deciphering big data; future trends
  • Creating a community presence
  • And other insights! 

"I'm really looking forward to Season 4 and really deep-diving into particular market segments, and how design is affected by which segment it is, and how...a management consultant works with maybe one segment over the other," Eric says. "In our following episodes, we're really gonna get in-depth with that kind of thing."

Stay tuned! More "Rock My Restaurant" is coming your way.