From Sanitation to the Bar, Product Reviews Featuring Franke and Perlick

From fast casual to casual dining to quick-service, restaurant models are all different — but one thing stays the same: every restaurant needs the proper equipment to keep the lights on. How do you set up a model correctly? In this episode of "Rock My Restaurant," filmed at the FCSI The Americas Biennial Conference, where best in foodservice management and consulting share ideas and innovative products, we are joined by Owen Slaughter, regional sales manager for Franke, and Corrinne Ward, regional sales manager for Perlick, who dive deep into the game-changing products their brands offer.

Keeping it Clean

It's no surprise that consumers are now putting more emphasis on the quality of ingredients than they are on the speed of service.

"They're starting to demand a difference at the foodservice level of the actual ingredient. And so as that shifted, we started to look for these types of opportunities to say, 'Now, how does the technology need to change to support this growing demand for more honest food?'" Slaughter said.

Franke's solution? The Air Purification System.

To increase the shelf-life of ingredients and the freshness of perishable food, operators who own this piece of equipment are the proud owners of a machine that uses ozone-based technology to reduce food waste, prevent flavor transfer between foods, and eliminate odors. Placed in a walk-in cooler, this system sanitizes the air by pulling the air into the unit and scrubs the air of anything carbon-based, from mold and bacteria to viruses and ethylene gas.

"What that ultimately means for the operator is that they now can bring in fresh produce and not have to be worried about it as much," he said. "We're also doing things for the ice machine as well."

Manufacturer Trends Behind the Bar

From craft brewing to creative cocktails, the beverage industry is just thirsting for disruption. What technology and equipment are helping operators keep up?

"There [are] a couple of key trends out there. First and foremost [are] cocktails. Cocktails, hard liquors are absolutely on the rise. In particular, using really fresh ingredients to make cocktails. And so it's really important, just like a chef needs to have the mise-en-place station, a bartender actually needs the same thing," Ward said.

"They need to have all their tools lined up and organized, they need to have all their ingredients right there in arm's length, and they need to have everything they need right in front of them so that they're able to make their cocktails not only correctly, but quickly because time is money."

Introducing the Perlick Tobin Ellis Signature Cocktail Station. This station, ideal for night clubs or high-luxury hotel lobby bars that expect a high volume of cocktail making, is a breakthrough achievement. Now that cocktails now use fresh ingredients, especially for garnishes that need to be refrigerated, this station is a catch-all answer for cocktail creating challenges. 

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