Merchant Maverick and A'La Carte Foodservice Consulting Group Rock the FCSI Symposium

When you design a restaurant, where do you start? In this episode of "Rock My Restaurant," join show hosts William Bender and Eric Norman at the FCSI The Americas Symposium, where they sit down with Amad Ebrahimi, president of Merchant Maverick, and Chris Tripoli, president of A'La Carte Foodservice Consulting Group, to find out.

The Mission of Merchant Maverick

It's one thing to perfect the back of house and cook line, but when it comes to the end of the restaurant experience and it's time to pay the bill, what goes behind choosing the perfect point-of-sale system to streamline service? The process is complex and in-depth.

"If you say point-of-sale to a restaurant owner or operator, I don't care if it's a manager or CEO of a 5,000-unit chain, their eyes over glaze over because of the complexities involved and the requirements to do it right," Bill said.

Enter Merchant Maverick, a site of the best merchant account reviews to level the playing field for businesses looking to get the best products and credit card processors. Most people are afraid of POS because its integration can be difficult to understand, but Ebrahimi's group aims to close the gap on that disconnect.

"What our goal is to try to make that complexity a little bit easier to understand and to use our knowledge to help business owners make better decisions when it comes to choosing a point-of-sale system or a credit card processor," Ebrahimi said. "The POS should always be chosen first."

By choosing the POS first, a restaurant can account for its integration needs, from financial booking, online ordering, ingredient-level inventory, table management, and more. 

A'La Carte Foodservice Group Says Management Determines Design

FCSI member and A'La Carte President, Chris Tripoli, works deep in the trenches when it comes to opening a restaurant. 

"As you all know, the restaurant business looks more inviting from the outside than it really is on the inside," he joked, speaking on the challenges that come with the process of an opening.

From management development and staff training to menu development and modification, Tripoli is an expert on operational improvement for emerging brands. His expertise has even been featured in an episode of "BUILT.," which showcased his involvement with putting life back into small, old, downtown park Market Square in Houston, Texas.

Why is management development so important prior to design?

"The more knowledge, I think, that the design side has on expectations, financial goals, menu expectations, labor costs they want to operate...[designers] will be able to hit the target, and the client is happier," Tripoli said.

Watch the full episode to get a bigger bite out of these experts' food for thought!