Session Film: The Future of Food is the latest foodservice event made by industry leaders for industry leaders. Executives, master chefs, restaurateurs, mixologists, and filmmakers gather for a day of Food Theory: collaboration, education, and entertainment. Attendees participated in interactive panel sessions, where custom films preceded an expert-panel Q&A. Missed out? Never fear! Enjoy this featured panel film below and get ready for 2017.

The restaurant industry is approaching $1 trillion in revenue, a major milestone marking a new era in the foodservice landscape. In the face of pollution, climate change, health, education, transportation, and more, where is the industry heading and how will it feed the billions of hungry mouths to come? What is the best way to make a positive impact through foodservice?

"We have to be good at what we do in building solutions people want. Instead of fighting the current system head on, the best way to improve is to make it obsolete. And the technology is, and should continue to be there, to help that. This is about food as food. This is about one of the most important commodities in our lives," Shen Tong, managing partner of Food Future, said.  

Online farmers markets, aquaponics, biodiverse farming, and networks of food hubs are only some of the ways innovators have infused technology with foodservice to pave the way for change. Watch the session film to hear from some of today's agricultural disruptors and begin to consider how to leave — or not leave, for that matter — your footprint on the path our society is traveling on for better food practices.