On The Border Mexican Grill Partners with DoorDash to Offer Delivery

On the Border Mexican Grill

On the Border Mexican Grill

The Tex-Mex casual dining chain, On The Border Mexican Grill is jumping on the delivery bandwagon. The restaurant will be partnering with the third-party delivery service, DoorDash to now provide delivery for its customers.

The brand’s initial delivery services will be available during normal operating hours starting in Chicago, Phoenix, Dallas/Fort Worth, Atlanta, Columbus, Denver, Boston, and Indianapolis metro areas.

The restaurant’s goal is to offer a new convenient service to the ever so busy consumer. "Not everyone has the time to come out to an On The Border location near them," said Ashley Zickefoose, Chief Marketing Officer with On The Border in a press release. "Offering home delivery is a solution we're excited to be able to provide."

Just in time for summer, party platters along with the restaurant’s full menu will be available for delivery.

"With Summer coming up around the corner, we wanted to let people know they can enjoy On The Border no matter where their fiesta may begin. It's as simple as a tap on the DoorDash app or click on the DoorDash website to have a Party Platter or other custom orders brought right to them," said Zickefoose.

Why DoorDash?

DoorDash is one of the major players in the on-demand delivery market. Founded in 2013, the company has already raise $127 million.

So how has the food tech startup stayed afloat in this competitive landscape, where companies are dropping like flies?

“For us, the core thesis and the history of the company is to build a new type of logistics company where we’re using software that makes a lot of decisions previously made by humans. We’re trying to do this in a sophisticated way that always delivers on time in an accurate way at an affordable price, and it’s not really a niche that we’re addressing. Restaurants as a vertical are a large category, but our approach is certainly very unique, which is to build a new type of logistics company. Technology is one part and the other part is being operationally excellent,” said Tony Xu, DoorDash CEO and co-founder to streetfightmag.com this week.

According to Xu, 85% of restaurants don’t deliver. DoorDash sees this as untapped potential. Besides, On the Border Mexican Grill, the company has other large brands as partners including, The Cheesecake Factory, Taco Bell, Nando’s Peri Peri, KFC and California Pizza Kitchen.

DoorDash is not available in every city across the US yet, but in the cities and areas where the company’s service is currently active there are a ton of restaurant options for customers to choose from. Consumers often based their food delivery platform decisions on the selection of restaurants available. So it makes sense for On the Border Mexican Grill to choose DoorDash as their delivery provider.