Foodable Network Publishes New Episodes of BUILT and Sustain on ITunes isn’t the only place you can find the latest episodes of the shows, BUILT and Sustain, they are also now available on ITunes, along with other Foodable Network shows.

"We are working hard to develop a new genre of content for food, restaurant and hospitality professionals and enthusiasts here at Foodable,” said Paul Barron, CEO and executive producer at Foodable Network. “On-demand will continue to be in our distribution strategy, with it and social proving to be a perfect match for our content. Add this to our proprietary audience acquisition model and the fact that data costs have lowered for high-quality video streaming, on-demand is the future, and Foodable is leading the way.”

It’s this day and age, there are so many different outlets to view content. The network is making sure its audience is able to view their favorite Foodable shows on-the-go and on multiple different outlets, currently including iTunes, Facebook, Twitter. 

This is just the beginning also, Foodable will be releasing its documentary Fast Casual Nation on Netflix and Amazon later this year. These may not be the only other places to see Foodable’s in-depth series either. The publication and production company is always on the look-out for the latest streaming platform. 

Although both BUILT and Sustain are both part of a new genre by Foodable Network, “docutainment” series that are educational, yet entertaining, their subject matter is quite different. 

BUILT: The Blueprint for Foodservice Success reveals valuable tricks of the trade as FCSI The Americas consultants tackle everyday foodservice challenges. Each episode features a new scenario as an experienced consultant walks the audience through their clever solutions. BUILT offers viewers the tools to lay down their foundation for their restaurant business. 

Sustain, on the other hand, is a series specifically focused on the sustainable movement and how restaurants are making a difference by taking a stand against poor practices and instead, are making smarter, eco-friendlier choices. As one of the largest industries in the world, the restaurant business has the potential to become the global leader in sustainability practices. 

These mini documentary series tell the stories of real life operators and consultants as they try to make their mark in the industry. They are short and sweet, perfect for the busy restaurant industry professional who is trying to sneak in some trade themed entertainment after a long night at the restaurant or while on break. 

Since 2013, Foodable Network has brought rich, broadcast-quality production to trade professionals and pro-foodies. BUILT and Sustain are the latest to join Foodable’s show roster.

If you want to view these series on ITunes, click on the BUILT and Sustain buttons below.