Wendy’s Promotes Freshness with New Video Series

Screenshot of the Church Brothers Farm  in the “Profiles in Quality” video

Screenshot of the Church Brothers Farm  in the “Profiles in Quality” video

The quick-serve chain, Wendy’s has had a lot of different slogans since it was founded in 1969, including ­– “Quality Is Our Recipe” (the slogan and current that also remains on Wendy’s logo today,) “Choose Fresh, choose Wendy's,” It's way better than fast food... It's Wendy's,” “You know when it's real,” and “It's not just fast food; it's fresh food, made fast.”

When the brand isn’t promoting their juicy hamburgers, they are emphasizing their fresh ingredients.

Fresh ingredients have always been included in their mission statement: “Our promise is to only use the freshest ingredients to create the best-tasting food for you. Quality is our promise and our recipe,” according to the brand’s website.

How the Brand is Using Content Marketing to Represent Freshness

Now the fast food chain is taking it a step further with the video series, “Profiles in Quality” the first video Lettuce... From Start to Fresh takes the viewers on a tour of Wendy’s lettuce supply chain.

Suppliers of the fast food restaurant, Tom and Steve Church of Church Brothers Farms discuss the values and standards of their farm. This family-owned farm supplies Wendy’s with salad ingredients, including spring mix, romaine and iceberg lettuce.

The video tells the endearing story of the Church Brothers Farm, but also boasts about Wendy’s food safety procedures.

“We have had a wonderful partnership with Wendy’s over the years and Wendy’s has some good safety requirements, above and beyond normal requirements,” said Megan Chedwick, director of food safety at Church Brothers Farms in the video.

Wendy’s then chimes in to say that the fast food chain has high standards when it comes to sourcing. “We have people say they want to supply us, until they find out that they can’t use animal waste compost in our fields,” said Joe Loiacano, perishables senior purchasing manager at Wendy’s in the video.

Then both the farmers and Wendy’s representatives mention the many tests they do including monthly water testing and micro testing.

Wendy’s then discusses how the clean practices continue at their stores. “If you go into a Wendy’s restaurant before any customers are there, the workers are busy,” said Jenna Wlotzko, salad culinary developer at Wendy’s. “Starting with their whole heads of lettuce and wash them fresh every day, slice them for the sandwiches, dice them for the salad.”

The video ends with the farmers reaffirming the brand’s extremely high standards. “Wendy’s is demanding, but you know what, they made us a better company with their demands,” said Steve Church, president and COO of Church Brother Farms.

This isn’t the first time the brand has showcased their lettuce. In 2015, the chain released the commercial “Wendy’s Romaine Lettuce Journey.” With GoPro technology, the commercial gave the audience a dirt-eye-view of a romaine’s travels from the farm to store. Again, emphasizing how their ingredients are farm fresh.