McAlister’s Reveals Consumers Rather Give up Chocolate than Sweet Tea in New Survey

McAlister's social contest  |  McAlister's Deli

McAlister's social contest  | McAlister's Deli

The fast casual chain, known for its popular sweet tea product revealed some interesting consumer insights from a recent survey the brand conducted.

1000+ participated in the survey. 57% of the respondents said they would rather give up the fan-favorite treat, chocolate than sweet tea.

Some of the other survey findings include–

  • 69% of respondents said a glass of sweet tea is better than a good afternoon nap.
  • Even though coffee is still the most popular specialty beverage, 43% of the those surveyed would trade a cup of coffee for sweet tea.
  • 57% prefer to have lemon with their sweet tea.
  • 48% would drive at least three miles out of their way to get some sweet tea.
  • 93% believe sweet tea can be enjoyed all year round.
  • 34% of those in the Southeast enjoy a glass of sweet tea a day, 33% do so in the Southwest, 28% in the Northeast and 22% of Westerners are daily sweet tea drinkers.

Apparently, sweet tea is much more popular than we may have thought.

Since one of the brand’s USP is the sweet tea, McAlister’s is celebrating the consumer love of the beverage with the 8th annual Free Tea Day, where guests who visit the participating stores today will get a free 32-ounce glass of McAlister's Famous Tea. Also, the first 25 guests to get the free tea will be given a Free Tea Day t-shirt.

Tea lovers are also being encouraged to “join in on the fun” by competing in a social contest with a $5,000 prize. To enter a user has to post a photo or video using the hashtag #FreeTeaDay2016 on Instagram and Twitter that features them being the biggest tea freak.

The Brand Partners with a Brewery to Make a Sweet Tea Beer

The brand has created another revenue stream with sweet tea and now the restaurant chain is jumping on the craft beer bandwagon.

McAlister’s just announced a collaboration with Red Brick, an Atlanta-based brewery, where the brewery will be serving a sweet tea beer made from the McAlister’s signature beverage starting in late August.

"We've always known our Tea Freaks are die-hard sweet tea fans, but this survey was a unique and engaging way for us to connect with them and truly understand how much they love sweet tea," said Rick Altizer, president, McAlister's Deli. "We're very excited to partner with Red Brick and work with another Atlanta-based company and celebrate our city's passions for sweet tea and craft beer."

On August 27, Red Brick and McAlister will be introducing the sweet tea beer in style with a party at the brewery serving the new brew and light bites from McAlister’s.