The Main Dish: Brands Succeeding While Industry-Wide Visits Are Down, Tips for Operator-Supplier Partnerships, and Other Highlights From This Week

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Two Boots Kicks Up Fast Casual Pizza with Quirky, Cajun Flair

"We took the Cajun cooking and combined it with pizza and beer, which we really loved. We're called Two Boots because everyone knows Italy is shaped like a boot, but Louisiana, if you're in the right condition when you look at the map, also looks like a boot. Like an old work boot. That's our 'Two Boots,'" founder Phil Hartman said.

Total Restaurant Industry Visits Are Down, But These Brands See a Major Spike

 “What we are seeing are less occasions so the brands that are dominating social and creative media campaigns are gobbling up the competitors traffic which has slowed for some brands. Unique winners like Taco Bell, Arby's, Jersey Mikes and Tender Greens are seeing the most impact from the consumers who are eating out,” said Paul Barron.

How a Strong Operator-Supplier Partnership Leads to Success

There's more to restaurant success than the perfect operation, service staff, chefs, or menu items. It all begins with the right ingredients, which is exactly where suppliers come in. How does having a strong operator-to-supplier relationship lead to success? Find out in this episode of "Rock My Restaurant," hosted by William Bender and Eric Norman.


Korean and Italian Cuisine 'Blossoming' at Modern-American Restaurant Piora

Piora means "to blossom" in Korean, and that's what the concept does on a daily basis. "The whole representation of how a flower blossoms is how the restaurant kind of is. People come in, get all the preparations ready. The restaurant blossoms, opens up — like a flower would. And then it kind of dwindles down. It's like the cycle of life kind of thing," Chef Christopher Cipollone said.

3 Ways Servant Leadership Elevates Staff Performance

The best way to sum up Servant Leadership is that ownership is in service to their employees as much as their employees are in service to them. Employees aren’t owned or property – they aren’t lucky to have the position they do. It’s a collective, “we’re all in this together for a single goal and that is to make the customer happy.”

Cocktails Are a Work of Art at Liquid Art House

Mixology lovers often believe crafting the perfect cocktail is an art, but this Boston concept takes that idea to a whole new level. Liquid Art House is not only an innovative restaurant — it's a fully-functioning art gallery. From the pieces adorning the walls to the furniture, down to the glassware and plates, everything is for sale.