The Main Dish: USDA Certified Organic Fast Food, How Sound Affects Your Restaurant, and Other Highlights From This Week

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Quick Six With...Artisan House's Chef Karo Patpatyan

Chef Karo Patpatyan, who graduated from Le Cordon Bleu Collage of Culinary Arts-Pasadena, has a fine touch when it comes to fine dining. This seasoned chef spent more than a decade with the famed Wolfgang Puck's Spago and recently emerged as the executive chef of downtown Los Angeles' Artisan House last year.

How the Organic Coup is Cleaning Fast Food, One Chicken at a Time [VIDEO]

This concept was inspired by the team's years of working at Costco Wholesale, and the push for social change in foodservice became the foundation of the business. The name began as a typo for the word "coop," but "coup" was also fitting: coup is defined as a takeover, and that's exactly what this restaurant is doing — taking over the fast food industry with a new, organic attitude, proving that fast food has the potential to be good food.

The Compassionate Kitchen: Ending the Culinary Bro Code

The crueler and harshest antics used in some kitchens no longer have a place in modern culinary professionalism. We need to attract more prospective employees, not scare them off into other industries because of the established Culinary Bro Code. There are already enough reasons to choose from to do something else for a living.


Music to Their Ears: How Sound Affects Your Restaurant's Dining Experience

Music and food both bring people together. The best restaurateurs know that atmosphere is just as important as the food. The industrial and open designs of modern establishments, created with wood, concrete, metal, and stone, have brought music and sound to the forefront as key environmental ingredients for overall success.

Innovations From NRA Show 2016 [VIDEO]

At the NRA Show, the industry's biggest and most dynamic trade show and event, it is an endless sea of exhibitions, educational sessions, products, and new ideas across the 2.6-million-square-foot-space of Chicago's McCormick Place convention center. Needless to say, while every inch is filled with discoveries, it can get a little overwhelming. In this episode of "Rock My Restaurant," show hosts William Bender and Eric Norman do the leg work for you. 

3 Tips to Capitalize on Your Customers' Digital Distractions

Are we addicted to all things digital (think cell phones and the internet)? Yes, but let’s not debate whether or not this technology dependence is detrimental. Nir Eyal, author of Hooked, has a great website focused on this debate. Here, let’s just admit that restaurant guests will be spending a lot of time on their devices.