The Main Dish: The D.C. Fast Casual Dilemma, Q&A With Freshii's Matthew Corrin, and Other Highlights From This Week

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The D.C. Fast Casual Problem: Will This Segment Get the Distinction It Deserves?

Currently, restaurants in the area are being categorized as fast food if they have drive-through windows, if the meals are served with disposable plates and flatware and or if the guests pay prior to receiving their food. What has been the impact of these regulations on local fast casual operators in the past and what do consumers think about the segmentation?

Why Your Restaurant Management Needs a Tune-Up

If you read the current headlines, they say that restaurant turnover is high and the prospects to fill those openings are low. Maybe it’s because we cling to outdated management styles that our current workforce (Millennials) have a difficult time understanding or accepting. Times are changing. Let’s look at how you can bring your management up to date.

Cochon Butcher Serves Up the Whole Hog, From Souther Barbecue to Italian Salumi

The more casual Butcher breaks down pigs for the main Cochon Restaurant, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it lies in the shadow of its elevated dining brother. In seven years, Cochon Butcher has gone on to receive recognition in its own right as a heightened fast-casual spot. 

Hidden Start-Up Costs: How to Prepare for the Unexpected

One of the many headaches aspiring restaurateurs face is the simple fact of running out of money before the restaurant opens. There are obvious expenses when starting a restaurant, however, you can’t ignore the often hidden costs that arise — ones that could total well over $20,000. Here are some hidden start-up costs you should address while you’re in your planning stages.


Matthew Corrin Brings Freshness to Fresh Food Business

At just 23 years old, Matthew Corrin set out to bring something different to the fresh food business. And, he did. In 2005, he branded Freshii, a restaurant committed to helping people live healthier, longer lives by enabling fresh, nutritious food choices that were both convenient and affordable. 

Rising Fast Casual Brands Shaking Up the Foodable Top 25

If the restaurant and hospitality industry were the box office, then the fast casual segment would be the Shirley Temple of foodservice. And instead of tap dancing, singing, and acting its way into the hearts of millions of consumers, fast casual’s top-performing factors would be elevated flavor profiles, higher-quality ingredients, and efficient service. (You might see diners tap dancing and singing in joy, though.)

Fresh Hospitality Has Its Finger on the Pulse of Fast-Casual Scaling

For an operator, it can be very overwhelming to think about seizing opportunities to grow a business from single unit to multi-unit operations, all while maintaining or improving their brand identity. You may ask yourself: How can I focus on business development while keeping up with my day-to-day responsibilities to my current customers and employees?

Quick Six With...Cocktail Chief and 'Gifted Booze-Slinger,' Will Thompson

As Miami Food Pug put it best, when you slide across the bar from Will Thompson, you get more than a transaction — you get an experience. And this mix master certainly mixes it up. This summer season, Thompson has shaken up the menu at The Local Craft Food & Drink for libations filled with local fruit, spices, and herbs.