Who Are the Fast Casual Champions? Find Out in Our Top 100 Report

If fast casual had a face, it would be the poster child of success within the restaurant and hospitality industry. Not only is it heralded as the fastest-growing segment in the business, with fast casual sales skyrocketing to a 600 percent growth from 1999 to 2014, it was also the only foodservice segment to see an increase in 2013. In a time where quick-service once dominated before it fell to consumers demanding higher-quality ingredients and newer, more unique concepts, fast casual rose as a champion.

Initially, fast casual began with a handful of innovations exploring the idea of the better-burger, but now an influx of concepts have flooded into the space and have pushed the envelope in other avenues, including a toss-up of crafted pizza concepts and new hatching ideas in the chicken sector. With this much competition, how can fast casual operators stand out? How can fast casual brands separate themselves in an already challengingly creative space? And which ones have become the champions of champions?

Discover consumers' favorite fast casual brands, the latest fast casual menu trends, other artisan concepts growing with the fast casual segment, and more in Foodable's Fast Casual Top 100 Social Brands 2016 Report. This ranking is not editorially selected, but instead, based on core data and consumer social metrics, reflecting the true, unfiltered opinion of people simply enjoying our industry's food.

About the Report

The Fast Casual Top 100 Social Brands 2016 report is the ultimate view on how fast casuals are performing and how they are perceived on the digital landscape. The data for this report is provided in partnership with DigitalCoCo, LLC and the industry's leading social data analysis platform, the Restaurant Social Media Index, and culminates into Foodable Labs. More than 167K restaurant and hospitality brands are analyzed daily across over 500K foodservice locations, pulling unfiltered feedback, which provides clarity on the pure opinion of consumers, brands, chefs, and operators.

In this report, you will discover: 

  • The latest menu trends
  • The rise of craft soda in fast casual and the top 10 craft soda brands
  • Millennial trends
  • Digital marketing and mobile trends
  • Using Snapchat in the fast casual space
  • Top 100 Fast Casual Brands ranking
  • Top 25 Fast Casual Brands by Location-Based Actions ranking
  • Top 25 Most Loved Fast Casual Brands ranking
  • Top 25 Fast Casual Mobile Brands ranking
  • Top 25 Most Engaged Fast Casual brands ranking
  • And more!

What are you waiting for? Time to act fast — or fast casual, rather. Dive deep into the report now!