Rock My Restaurant Season 5 Kickoff: The Core of The Brand Pt. 1

Foodable Network is kicking off Season 5 of “Rock My Restaurant” with a brand new formula. We’re bringing you a premium content package of nine in-depth episodes that can be paired with our Rock My Restaurant PRO Workbooks, expert guides, and reports available for purchase.

Each episode, co-hosted by veteran foodservice industry consultants Bill Bender and Eric Norman, will help take your operation to the top. That's right — you’ll get access to two highly-acclaimed foodservice consultants, all from the viewing pleasure of your own home, office, or classroom.

“Rock My Restaurant” is the show that helps industry professionals build their restaurant from the ground up.

About the Rockers:

William (Bill) Bender is the founder and principal of W.H. Bender & Associates. He is also a California Restaurant Association Member and a board member of the CRA Educational Foundation, a restaurant service analyst, a 20-year MAS/Design consultant, and an active FCSI member. His expertise has helped notable clients, including The Loop Pizza Grill, Cheers Boston, and Erik's DeliCafe.

Eric Norman serves as Vice President for MVP Services Group. He is an active FCSI member, a consumer experience analyst, a 10-year design consultant, and was awarded the “Foodservice Equipment and Reports - Young Lion Award for Foodservice Consultants” in 2013. His clientel includes Brazen Open Kitchen + Bar, Kendall College, and Indian Hills College.

Episode 1: The Core of Your Brand Pt.1

The term “brand” or “branding” is often misconstrued by business owners. Oftentimes, the word is attached to the idea of just a logo, but it’s so much more than that. Branding should be present in every aspect of a restaurant concept. In this season premiere of Rock My Restaurant, foodservice industry consultants and rocker co-hosts Eric Norman and Bill Bender dive deeper into how to brand your restaurant. What sets you apart from your competition?

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