Dining Out? Here Are the Top 100 Restaurants of 2016

You may have heard of the monthly Foodable Top 25, where the best restaurants in each city are ranked as your go-to guide for the tastiest eats, and you may even keep up with the quarterly National Top 25, where the highest-performing restaurant chains are compiled. And while you will find those big brand boys and girls in the Most Loved Brands of 2016 and the Fast Casual Top 100, how will you discover the smaller, more intimate rising stars of local markets championing their culinary artistry?

No fear, the Top 100 Social Restaurants 2016 Report is here! This ranking goes beyond the monthly, city-level Top 25, but instead, highlights the best in the business across the country and for the year overall. Planning a dinner date? Better add these 100 restaurants to your calendar — if you have enough room in your stomach, that is.

This report is a comprehensive analysis of the restaurant and hospitality industry, meaning Foodable does not editorially select the list. The decision-makers are the people who matter: your customers! Curated by the discussions and voices of 3.7 million critics and consumers, the Top 100 Social Restaurants Report analyzes three key metrics of unstructured social consumer data, including sentiment on food and service, influence of the restaurant, and engagement of the guests with the restaurant.

About the Report and How the Data Works


Foodable Labs, through the proprietary Restaurant Social Media Index (RSMI) and in partnership with DigitalCoCo, LLC, analyzes more than 167K restaurant and hospitality brands daily, over 220MM global restaurant consumers engaged on social, and across more than 500K foodservice locations. This ranking is not a scorecard of how restaurants are performing, but instead, reflects how guests perceive restaurants are performing, providing clarity and unfiltered feedback for these brands. 

In this report, you will discover:

  • Top 100 Social Restaurants Ranking
  • Breakdown of the Top 10 Restaurants
  • Featured chefs from the Top 5 Restaurants
  • Latest menu trends
  • Millennial workforce tips
  • Best new equipment (in a special podcast feature with the hosts of "Rock My Restaurant")
  • The best digital practices for chefs and brands

And more!

From New York City to San Francisco, want to see how your favorite restaurants did this year — or curious to see how you rank against your competitors in the eyes of consumers? Download the report to find out!