a.bar Crafts the Perfect Atmosphere for Craft Cocktails

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Bar Manager at a.bar, Dan Hamm, landed his first job as a bartender at a craft cocktail bar. He found that bartending was a great mix of his loves: cooking, drinking, and DIY. Behind the bar, he was able to experiment with tastes and flavors while still being able to interact with guests and get immediate feedback on his work.

a.bar is a sleek, contemporary restaurant that lives in the AKA hotel in Rittenhouse Square, right in the heart of Center City. With great views and delicious bites, a.bar has been a great place for Hamm to craft delicious cocktails as part of the Philadelphia bar scene.

“The cocktail trend is definitely growing. Maybe six or seven years ago we had a bunch of speakeasies open up, which kind of helped revive the cocktail scene in Philadelphia,” he said.

In this episode of “Across the Bar,” host Paul Barron learns how bartender Dan Hamm creates his award-winning cocktails, a lesson that is put to the test.

Cocktail No. 1: Maiden Voyage


  • Lemon-coriander shrub

  • Cynar

  • Becherovka

  • Cardamaro

  • Richland Rum

Cocktail No. 2: Angostura Float


  • Aged Rum

  • Dolin Blanc

  • Demerara

  • Red Wine

  • Angostura Ice Cream

  • Salt

Cocktail No. 3: One Grin


  • Bluecoat Gin

  • Campari

  • Cappelletti

  • Letherbee Besk

  • Dolin Rouge

  • Vanilla