Everything Is Bigger In Texas, Including Vegan Dining



In a destination that’s known for sticky ribs and juicy ribeye steaks, it’s hard to believe that anything can compete with good old fashioned Texas barbecue. But thanks to the growing number of health-conscious consumers in cities like Austin and Forth Worth, vegan dining is booming, giving restaurateurs an opportunity to stand out in the meat-centric Texas culinary scene. 

Serving up everything from veggie burgers to vegan donuts, vegan restaurants throughout the Lone Star State are getting creative with their plant-based menus, and it’s definitely paying off. Okay, so while we don’t think meat is going anywhere in Texas, here are just a few spots that are giving the traditional Texas steakhouse a healthy dose of competition: 

The Vegan Nom: Tacos are a dime a dozen in Texas. But the meatless variety are a little more difficult to come by (at least ones that taste really, really good). At The Vegan Nom in Austin, plant-eaters can indulge in creative menu items like vegan house-smoked jackfruit BBQ tacos, Bomb Nachos with black beans and vegan queso, and a breakfast taco option with tempeh bacon and organic tofu scramble. 

Sweet Ritual: It’s tough to be a vegan who loves ice cream. Unless, of course, you happen to live anywhere near Sweet Ritual in Austin. From a colorful dairy-free cone dubbed, “Unicorn Poop” to a vegan Rocky Road Sundae, there are options here that will even have milk lovers nodding their heads in delight. 

Green Seed Vegan: Tacos, burgers, and cauliflower poppers are just some of the yummy plant-based options you’ll find on the menu at Green Seed Vegan in Houston. They’ve also got a selection of fresh juices like one called, “True Blood” that’s made with coconut water and chlorophyll. 

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