Chipotle Releases New Video Focusing on Quality Ingredients

The restaurant king of content creation is back at it again. This time, Chipotle has released “Ingredients Reign,” a short film to reaffirm that their ingredients are still superior.

The whole premise of the 1-minute animated film is that their ingredients are given the ultimate royal treatment, which includes being pampered as they rule the throne of Chipotle. This story is told in a “whimsical and majestic” style.

“At Chipotle, we believe that responsibly raised ingredients just taste better. We also believe that pasture-raised dairy cows make better milk, which results in more delicious cheese and sour cream. Pigs raised on pasture or in deeply bedded barns and fresh veggies grown in healthy soil are far superior, so we prepare, cook, and treat them as such. But that has gone straight to their heads to the point where they demand the royal treatment day in and day out. Simply put, at Chipotle, the ingredients reign,” writes Chipotle about the new film.

Chipotle is also promoting this campaign with a Snapchat filter today. 

Chipotle’s Aggressive Comeback Plan

This film is one of the many marketing efforts by the brand to bounce back from its food safety crisis. Ever since the E.Coli outbreak last fall, Chipotle has experienced a major dip in sales.

And the road to recovery isn’t going to be easy, but the restaurant remains confident that they will win back their customers. “We’ve built a long established trusted relationship with our customers,” said Steve Ells, founder and Co-CEO of Chipotle Mexican Grill to “While that trust was questioned recently, we’re delighted to see that they’re returning in large numbers.”

Following the food safety scandal, the chain launched an aggressive comeback plan by offering freebie promotions to customers. This was a clever (although expensive) technique to make their stores look busy, like everything had gone back to normal and lines were out the door again.

But, Chipotle can’t giveaway free burritos forever. So Chipotle is also showcasing its creativity and proving they are still the brand with arguably the best content marketing out there. 

In July, Chipotle released another short film, “A Love Story” (which now has over 7 million views.)  This animated film tells the story of two entrepreneurs with rival fast food restaurants and “how competition among food businesses can cause them to become something that was not initially intended,” said Chipotle in a press release.

What makes this animated shorts so compelling is that they are easy for the consumers to digest. The films are short and sweet and like all effective native content, they barely reference Chipotle.

However, the newest “Ingredients Reign” short film is more promotional and is entirely about the restaurant and its ingredients. This is different from prior short films– that are focused on bigger picture issues that Chipotle wants to address.

What do you think of Chipotle’s latest campaign? Is it a step in the right direction? Do you think the brand will ever recover from the food safety issue?