Keurig Green Mountain Launches New Website for Commercial Operators

Screenshot of Keurig's new commercial website |  Keurig Green Mountain

Screenshot of Keurig's new commercial website | Keurig Green Mountain

The coffee giant Keurig Green Mountain has just launched the brand new website, to provide a resource for operators looking for premium and beverage away-from-home options.

The website offers different selections for commercial establishments, including restaurants, offices, convenience stores, healthcare facilities, colleges and universities. 

“At Keurig, we’re committed to investing in tools that help our commercial customers create the ultimate beverage experience for guests,” said Charlie Wood, director of foodservice marketing at Keurig in a press release. “Our new website has been designed with those customers in mind—featuring everything from training tools to signature beverage recipes to help operators brew a more robust bottom line.”

Besides offering an array of products, the website has information like menu ideas, training videos, materials about coffee trends, along with business and merchandizing support.

Some of the recent trends insights include Millennial coffee consumer habits, like the Millennial-driven trend of iced coffee and how it is gaining popularity in the market.

Looking for some new inspiration to incorporate coffee- or tea-based alcoholic beverages into your bar program? There is also a library of relevant recipes to cater to the recent trends.

Keurig has been around since 1990 and launched the K-cup in 1997, then the company was acquired by the specialty coffee, Green Mountain in 2006.

K-cup pods are the majority of the company’s income. However, sales have been on the decline which has been partially attributed to the fact that K-Cups are not eco-friendly. But, the company has set a hard deadline of 2020 to make all K-Cups recyclable. Keurig already sells Green Mountain Breakfast Blend in recyclable pods. 

“I think that's one of the biggest problems with a K-Cup is that it does have such a negative environmental impact and it's something that Keurig has acknowledged. You know, they have said that this is one of their greatest obstacles to attracting new customers,” said Venessa Wong, Deputy Busines Director of BuzzFeed to NPR.

So it makes perfect sense for Keurig Green Mountain to ramp up efforts in the commercial sector, since K-Cup Pods are a wildly popular home product.

Keurig and Anheuser-Busch has also teaming up to create an in-home booze maker, aka an instant beer and cocktail machine. So if that machine is close to as successful as the coffee machines, then the company will see a resurgence in sales.