The Main Dish: Top Female Chefs, the Industry After Trump's Inauguration, and Other Highlights From This Week

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The Female Chefs Reigning Over the Culinary Industry

Out of the top 100 on our Social Chefs list, 15 are women. This just demonstrates that restaurant kitchens are still dominated by the male sex. Not to mention, male chefs earn an average of 28.1% more than female chefs, according to Glassdoor. Nonetheless, the world is changing and now there is a new generation of female super star chefs who are changing the culinary landscape for the better.

Is Adding a Menu Surcharge Really a Solution to Minimum Wage Increases?

Some have done nothing and continue to complain about the decreases in profits and how difficult the business already is, while others strategically adjust. Those adjustments run the gamut of management styles, from changing the style of the restaurant or increasing menu prices, to cutting hours or adding a surcharge as a form of protest. But is adding a surcharge the way to go?

How Denny's Is Mastering Augmented Reality and What AR Means for the Future of Foodservice

When you slide into a booth at Denny’s, you can order up a hot plate of blackberry pancakes, a steak skewer and eggs skillet, and a side of...augmented reality? With big brands like Moe’s Southwest Grill and Burger King creating new experiences and games to engage with consumers on a whole other level, augmented reality is no longer a thing of science fiction — it could very well be an actual reality for the restaurant industry.


Washington Report: Trump Moves Into the White House — How Will This Move the Restaurant Industry?

Last Friday afternoon, President Donald Trump was sworn into office as the 45th President of the United States. On this episode of "On Foodable Weekly: Washington Report," we discuss the political dissent that has blanketed the country since election day, and how some policies may affect those in foodservice.

Get Your Buzz On Day or Night at Melrose Umbrella Company

Talk to anyone in the bar business and they will say that hospitality is the key to success. While this might seem a simplistic statement, it encompasses far more than a friendly smile and the willingness to serve your guests. For Melrose Umbrella Company, one of Los Angeles's finest bars, it meant creating a coffee program by day to complement their cocktail program at night. 

Which Foodservice Trends Will We See in 2017?

The new year is upon us and Foodable is beyond excited to see which trends will reign in 2017! Luckily for you, a few of Foodable’s foodservice industry experts have come to aid you in this arduous task of identifying key trends and making solid predictions. Our experts, who work as restaurant consultants themselves, are in tune with the pulse of the industry and the changing consumers attitudes in foodservice. Lets see what our experts have to say!