The Main Dish: Four Cocktail Markets to Watch, Lessons from PR Nightmares, and Other Highlights From This Week

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Beyond the Coasts — Four Cocktail Markets Worth Watching

Cities across the country from Portland to Denver and Chicago to Miami now have cocktail bars to spare,but there are still a number of places that don't necessarily get the notice they deserve. These locales — Louisville, Nashville, Phoenix, and San Antonio — have flourishing cocktail cultures with a clear imprint of place.

What to Learn From These Recent PR Nightmares

The digital world is so fast moving that each brand is trying to stay ahead of the game to catch the attention of the ever so restless consumer. But sometimes in an effort to create some buzz, the brand creates the wrong kind of buzz. This is often referred to as a PR nightmare. This is bound to happen to any brand that is gaining traction in the market, but the way a company deals with it can have a significant impact.

Leadership Series: 15 Restaurants in Four Years, Justin Rosenberg Keeps honeygrow Growing

Before starting honeygrow, Justin Rosenberg was a financial analyst by day (make that 10-hour days) and was a student at the Fox School of Business by night. Upon graduation, Rosenberg felt a void in his life. He wanted to start working toward something he was passionate about, so he began writing up the business plan for a healthy fast-casual restaurant he would eventually call honeygrow.


Paris Baguette Is Rising Above the Franchisee Training Mold: Q&A With Chief Development Officer Larry Sidoti

Still, franchising comes with its cricks and challenges. Aside from the capital and time it takes to build a solid infrastructure for operations and a solid relationship for all of those involved, most brands sitting on the fence of whether or not to jump on the franchisee bandwagon are concerned that their concept’s passion, mission, and values may not carry throughout in this model. The secret all lies in adequate and consistent training.

Decades of Fresh Seafood Make Ray's Boathouse a Catch for Seattle Locals

Opening in 1945 originally as a coffee house, Ray’s Boathouse has been a gathering spot for Seattle families since it was a simple dockside cafe. Seventy years and a couple fires later, Ray's has been rebuilt bigger and better to its current opulence. Overlooking the Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains, Ray’s dining experience is a treat for your eyes as much as it is to your tastebuds.

The Art of the Cocktail Glass

Gone are the days where bars and restaurants had only a few glasses to serve beverages in. With the rise of hand-crafted cocktail, there are more glass wares available than ever. The cocktail glass is a central component to the visual aesthetic of the beverage and this is almost (or some may argue that it is) equally as important as the actual taste of beverage.