Foodable Is Going Local: Get Ready, Miami — We're Heating Things Up With 3 New Shows!

Introducing Foodable REACH Miami

Foodable fans, we've taken you to the corners of London to bite into the best street food, the pubs of Dublin to visit the "Holy Land of Beer" firsthand, and we've sipped and dined in the most innovative culinary cities all over North America through shows like Fast Casual Nation, Table 42, and Across the Bar, but this time we're doing something a little different.

We're not just going global — we're going local.

Introducing Foodable REACH, where we get into the nitty gritty and dive deep into local communities, tap into the pulse and trends taking over the city, and discover the heart and passions of the businesses and people who anchor their neighborhoods.

Of course, Foodable has covered individual cities before. However, Foodable news is typically analyzed from a national, broader perspective. Foodable REACH truly reaches in to overturn each stone and seeks the stories of foodservice waiting to be discovered, before reaching out to share those inspirational tales and accomplishments.

The first city up? REACH Miami. This new local platform for the restaurant, entertainment, and city hospitality industries will focus on the consumer tourism scene from West Palm Beach to South Beach, spanning across Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties. More cities will launch in Foodable REACH later this year.

Three New Shows for 2017

Miami will have more than the sun and sand heating things up — Foodable's three new shows will add a little spice to the 305. Each show will reach Foodable's 1.5 million local influencer-consumer audience and the more than 11,000 restaurant chefs, bar owners, hoteliers, and professional operators that make up South Florida. This content will be distributed on iTunes, Apple, Amazon, and FoodableTV.

"Foodable is proud to announce [these] three new shows," Foodable Founder and CEO Paul Barron said. "This is the beginning of several market launches that are planned for 2017, and Miami is the perfect place to get a chance to bring our broadcast-quality service to the locals."

Stay tuned for this lineup of shows premiering soon:

  • Top Shelf Miami, designed to feature the best artisan mixologists, craft spirits, and rich beverage products in the business. 
  • REACH News, which follows who's who and what's trending across South Florida, all through rich editorial content and top lists.
  • Hotel Boutique, a new hotel and travel show highlighting the most game-changing players in the South Florida hospitality scene.

Buckle your seat belts — Foodable REACH Miami is going to be a thrill ride! See you soon in Miami.