This is Blue Apron's Next Strategic Marketing Move

Blue Apron and Gimlet

Blue Apron and Gimlet

If you have listened to a few different podcasts, you have likely heard one of the many meal kit companies advertise through the medium.

But now Blue Apron is jumping on the podcast bandwagon and is partnering with Gimlet Media to release a food-related podcast that will premiere on Oct. 11.

Titled “Why We Eat What We,” the podcast will be hosted by Cathy Erway, a food writer and cookbook author, who also hosts the radio show Eat Your Words.

So what will be covered on the podcast? 

Erway will be discussing topics like potluck dinners, food trends, and what inspires meal decisions.

Blue Apron and Gimlet want to keep the conversation organic, without it feeling like a long advertisement for the meal-kit company. 

“Some of the most fun parts of this project has been the flexibility in determining what the format is,” said Frances Harlow, deputy creative director of Gimlet Media. “Blue Apron was totally on board with us experimenting and not wanting to feel formulaic.” 

The launch of the podcast is part of Blue Apron’s plan to become a lifestyle brand.

Jared Cluff, Blue Apron CMO said that the company is aiming to “to build a lifestyle brand around home cooking, deepen our relationship with our customers and win new fans.” 

Blue Apron, which filed for an IPO earlier in the year, is appealing to users looking for a unique interactive cooking experience. 

Amateur chefs who subscribe to Blue Apron have found a way to enjoy the art of cooking without having to do the time-consuming legwork of deciding what to cook, what ingredients are needed, and how much of each ingredient they’ll really need. 

“Creating incredible home-cooking experiences is the core of what we do, and by supplementing our culinary products with inspiring content and engaging storytelling, we‘ve found that we can connect with our customers on an emotional level, both in the kitchen and beyond,” said Cluff. 

Do you think that this is a smart marketing move by Blue Apron? Will other meal kit companies follow-suit? 

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