Celebrity Chef John Tesar's Knife Burger to Open at New Food Hall in Texas


Food halls, in general, are becoming wildly popular.

Earlier this year, Foodable reported on how this new dining category may become the next big thing with more fast casual restaurants joining forces to form part of a diverse collection of food offerings housed close together in one go-to destination for customer convenience.

The appeal for consumers, who want to eat healthier, support local farmers and fisheries while having different cuisines available to satisfy every craving, is there.

Our industry expert, Donald Burns, went out on a limb late last year predicting the rise of food halls, as he shared his favorite spots found around the U.S.

"Today, people, they want to mix it up… they want to try out new things. Nothing is better than going to a food hall with your friends and having lots and lots of different options available... There are [great] ones out there in the market. There’s one in Houston, Tex., called Conservatory… There’s another one: Avanti in Denver… also the Revival Food Hall in Chicago. Another great concept!,” said Burns.

Well, Fort Worth, Tex. is the next lucky city with development plans in place to create an exciting food hall in Crockett Row at West 7th.

Its star eatery will be celebrity chef John Tesar’s third Knife Burger concept, sure to attract Top Chef and Knife fans eager to try his signature Ozersky Burger, ranked No. 1 in Texas and No. 6 in the nation by "Thrillist."

"The atmosphere and energy of the new food hall makes it the perfect location to open a fun and social place like Knife Burger," said Tesar in a statement, as reported “Dallas Business Journal.”

Hospitality Alliance is the group behind the remodeling of the 16,000-square-feet Crockett Street Food Hall, which will boast 15 different concepts. “We will have barbeque, Italian, Asian, coffee and even doughnuts,” CEO Kevin Lillis of Hospitality Alliance told “Fort Worth Magazine.” Dapper Donuts is the second concept confirmed by the hospitality group, which is breaking into the Texas market for the first time, already having a proven record in New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Will this food hall trend hold up the test of time? How will it affect other dining categories?

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